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5 star Taichung hotels

Windsor Hotel Taichung

610 Sec 4 Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung, Taiwan

Windsor Hotel Taichung photo

Guests can easily get to National Museum of Natural Science, which is approximately 6 km away. The 5-star Windsor Hotel Taichung lies within 4.1…

Landis Taichung

No.532 Ying-Tsai Road, Taichung, Taiwan

Landis Taichung photo

Landis Taichung Hotel is also 1050 meters away from National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. Landis Taichung Hotel provides guests with a stylish accommodation in…

Tempus Taichung

No. 689, Section 2, Taichung, Taiwan

Tempus Taichung photo

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store is about 15 minutes' walk away. The exclusive 5-star Tempus Hotel is set in the museum district of Taichung.

4 star Taichung hotels

Moving Star Taichung

No.66, Sec.2, Ziyyou Rd Central District, Taichung, Taiwan

Moving Star Taichung photo

The hotel is placed 10 minutes' walk from Taichung City Hall. Moving Star Hotel is a 4-star property situated at about 2.4 km distance…

Kun Hotel Taichung

No 56 Ln 33 Fuxing N 3 Rd St, Taichung, Taiwan

Kun Hotel Taichung photo

Kun Hotel is connected with other parts of Taichung due to a railway station located nearby. Kun is an excellent 4-star hotel set 2.4…

La Vida Hotel Taichung

No. 275-2, Sec.2, Xitun Rd Xitun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan

La Vida Hotel Taichung photo

Taichung Airport is about 10 km from the hotel. The elegant La Vida Hotel is a 4-star property located 1150 meters away from Shin…

3 star Taichung hotels

Moon Lake Hotel Taichung

No. 42-3, Guangfu Road, Taichung, Taiwan

Moon Lake Hotel Taichung photo

The property is in Central district in Taichung that provides fast access to Xiang Jiao Xin Le Yuan within a 20-minute walk. The comfortable…

Taichung Box Design Hotel

No.40, Jinsin St. North Dist., Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung Box Design Hotel photo

A perfect location gives quick access to Fengjia Night Market, which is 5 km away. The business Taichung Box Design Hotel entices guests to stay…

Treeart Hotel Taichung

No.235, Sec. 3, Liming Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung, Taiwan

Treeart Hotel Taichung photo

The property lies within 1200 meters from Feng Chia University. The comfortable 3-star Treeart Hotel is set in the shopping district of Taichung.

2 star Taichung hotels

T-Life Hostel Taichung

No. 10, Ln. 27, Xinxing Rd. Longjing Dist., Taichung, Taiwan

T-Life Hostel Taichung photo

Tunghai Night Market, Tunghai University and Taichung Metropolitan Opera House are located just 400 meters from the venue. T-Life Hostel is a 2-star…

Tomer Hostel Taichung

Ln. 150, Wenhua Rd., Taichung Situn District, Taichung, Taiwan

Tomer Hostel Taichung photo

National Museum of Natural Science is 3.7 km from the hostel and Taichung Metropolitan Park is about 3.1 km away. Tomer Hostel enjoys its location…

All Fun Business Hotel Taichung

No.199 Huimin Road, Taichung, Taiwan

All Fun Business Hotel Taichung photo

You can find National Museum of Natural Science only 2.8 km from the property. All Fun Business Hotel is a 2-star accommodation within 6…